XPLOREFIT Training is a Low to High Intensity Interval circuit training with a juicy 20 minutes of mindful yoga stretches in the end. XPLOREFIT was created for all fitness levels. In class we mostly use body weight and light weights . XPLOREFIT is one of the healthiest, safest and most effective ways to train. We believe that living our best life starts with mind and body connection. All XPLOREFIT teachers have a common goal to inspire their students to be the best versions on themselves. XPLOREFIT classes are upbeat and fun focusing on team work and creating community. XPLOREFIT yoga classes are vinyasa based with lots of fluid movements focusing on mind body connection. All XPLOREFIT Classes are music-driven, mat-based practices of self exploration through physical conditioning.
You will learn tools to empower your life and work on being the best you can possibly be mentally and physically.